Styling tips: The basics

EG6, Type one

Modified cars can be seen on the road on a daily bases. This is because some car owners have the desire to make modifications to their beloved vehicle. Some do it for performance gains, some do it for a more customized look or both. But with the present economy and gasoline price, some car enthusiasts may have to save and spend on living necessities rather than blowing money on car tuning. I know some of us may have this crave of doing something to the car. The wanting to make modifications, changing this and that. It’s always in the head, just not quite enough cash in the wallet to do it all at once. Remember that it’s more important to spend your money on the necessary stuff first. If any essential or mechanical part of your car needs to be replaced or fixed then do those first and you can think about the looks afterwards if you still have money left to spend.


Car styling can make your car stand out in the crowd. I think the main purpose of car styling is to make the car look different rather than making it look fast. It’s something other than the license plate that indicates “this is your car” even if parked right next to the exact same model with same color. Alot of modified cars on the road are lowered, sitting on after market rims. Some have aftermarket body kits, aero parts and decoration stickers.  For those car enthusiasts who are especially into classic retro cars may not have much interest in this topic. Slapping aero parts on some of those classics would be like ruining an artwork. Some may say aero parts and decals are for ricers(I wonder who invented this word?). I think the term “Ricer” in my own understanding means a vehicle equipped with unsuitable aeroparts that didn’t improve any aerodynamical performance and also made the car looked worse. Or cars that looks just like(or trying to look just like) a circuit race car but runs like crap. But hey, there’ s nothing wrong with making some changes to your car’s visual even if it runs on a complete stock engine as long as the car is in good running condition and you’ve kept the paint job nice and clean. If you’re looking to buy aero parts for your vehicle, apart from how it looks, you should consider aerodynamic, material and installation. Looks are important and that’s probabaly what most buyers consider first but good aero parts should improve how the car drive even just slightly, not make it worst. Many manufacturers provides a large selection of aero parts for modern vehicles that will enhance the looks and also aerodynamic. Aero parts for older vehicles can still be found if you search around.

img 0336 CC image dumdoy, flickr

With decals, I personally love them. It gives me something to look at when applied. Eventhough it has nothing to do with the car’s value or performance but decals do add something to the vehicle in terms of style, customization and creativity. A few decals can change the “vibe” of your vehicle. There are so many designs to choose from it’s like never ending and most importantly it’s unexpensive, easy to apply and can be changed or removed at anytime if we get bored with it. Other than decals, car decorations also come in forms of logos, emblems and plates where you can just peel off the back and stick which can enhance the look and feel of your automobile.

Some enthusiasts also like to dress up themselfs as well as the car. Some drivers or tuners wear clothes with car manufacturer brands, aftermarket brands to let the world know what they’re really into. Usually t-shirts are the most common and some of the designs are somewhat stylish and quite attractive.

JDM equipped T-shirtRed logo.

JDM equipped T-shirt
Red logo.

Be proud of your car and your style and drive safely on public roads.



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